A Private Tour of the Quirinale

Male student looking up at gold-plated ceiling at the Roman Quirinale

Temple University Rome students, faculty and staff got another unique opportunity to visit the Quirinale–the residence of Italy’s president. With its 110,500 square metres and 1200 rooms, the residence is the ninth-largest palace in the world. The tour is an in-depth lesson about the art, architecture, and history of the building. Each room is filled with layers of details, imagery, and stories of those who have lived there and designed the space.

What was most breathtaking about exploring the expanse of truly massive halls and salons in the Quirinale Palace (all incredibly ornately-decorated of course) was being the only 10 people in those humongous important spaces. It was a viewing experience unlike anything else I’ve seen in Rome.

– Rachel Kosbab Espenlaub, TUR Alumni Assistant

This tour is a privilege that Temple University Rome has been able to experience on a semester basis. A great thanks to our tour guide, Maria Taboga, who works since 20 years as Responsible of the tapestry restoration workshop of the Quirinale.