As Student Life Coordinator, Benedicta works closely with our students at Temple Rome Campus during their time here to offer resources and advice in order to help them navigate this transitional time in their lives.
Benedicta strongly believes in the importance of studying abroad, as she personally has reaped the benefits of such an experience when she studied in England during her University years. For this reason, Benedicta coordinates the Cultural and Identity and Envoy program, created by Temple Rome alumni, Ewan Johnson, to ensure that students from underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to study abroad and, once here, are supported during their time in Rome. Benedicta also recognizes the importance of safety and wellbeing while studying abroad, and she works in promoting the initiatives of sexual assault prevention and wellness initiatives in coordination with our colleagues on Main Campus.
Benedicta holds a degree in BA (Hons) International Relations and Politics from London Metropolitan University and an LM degree in International Relations from UNINT in Rome, Italy. She is also a recent alumnus of the Policy School (Scuola di Politiche) of Enrico Letta.