Assurdità Contemporanea

Temple Gallery of Art showing Assurdità Contemporanea

Data: Gallery opening on Wednesday, September 25 at 7pm.
Dove: Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome, Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, 15

The exhibition Assurdità Contemporanea is part of an ongoing series of shows curated by Tiziana Musi and Shara Wasserman of co-working spaces in Rome.
In Situ, a co-working space in the Tor Bella Monaca neighborhood of Rome, was founded in 2016, triggered by the need of this group of artists to join together to respond to the complexity of being an artist today. In this communal space, the six residents exchange ideas, share inspiration, think collectively, but always maintain their own individual style and art language.

The Gallery of Art is transformed into a large display board, where each artist offers a personal vision of current society, putting the works in dialogue with each other as they are in the studio space.

The show Assurdità Contemporanea brings the spectator into the complexity of contemporary society, where the borders between illusion and reality are blurred.

Christophe Constantin puts the spectator into direct contact with daily life, and in relationship to art.

Marco De Rosa uses construction tools and materials in compositions that seem perfect but are in fact useless.

Chiara Fantaccione questions the surrounding space by highlighting architectural details of no significant value.

Roberta Folliero considers historic preservation, transmitting to the spectator a sense of nostalgia for the past.

Andrea Frosolini’s “brand” allows the buyer to acquire and personalize the work.

Francesco Palluzzi uses multimedia codes to underline the fragility between the real and the virtual.

Elisa Selli uses the textile technique creates a relationship with the digital print.



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