TUR Receives a Visit from The Belgian Ambassador

On Thursday, February 7th, Temple University Rome received a special visit from Belgian Ambassador Frank Carruet.

Ambassador Carruet graciously took time out of his busy schedule to come meet, discuss and share his life experiences as a diplomat with TUR students and staff. His Excellency has years of experience from being stationed in countries all over the world such as Morroco, Cameroon and currently, Rome, Italy, which will be his last posting before retirement. Ambassador Carruet has a background as a Psychologist which is unique for a diplomat, considering most study Law, Economics, Political Science, etc.

His Excellency took time to answer questions asked by TUR students enrolled Business classes who are interested in learning more about politics, the diplomatic process or about his life in general. He delved into the economic policies of Belgium, EU relations as well as the various problems he faces depending on the country he’s stationed in. For example, in Morocco, the rights of women and children posed a large problem, and in Cameroon, Malaria was a large issue facing the citizens.

Ambassador Carruet explained that he loves his job, and that he finds it necessary to work with his wife as a team in order to succeed in his position. Adapting to new countries can prove to be difficult, but he finds that if him and his wife work as a team, there is no career more beautiful!

Thank you for visiting Your Excellency.