Student of the Week: Brian Raudenbush

Brian Raudenbush '19

Introducing our Student of the Week: Brian Raudenbush!

My name is Brian Raudenbush and I am currently a junior advertising major with a double concentration in art direction and brand strategy & research. I am from Lumberton, NJ and go to school at Temple University. At Temple Main, I am involved in aperture agency which is a photography club as well as Temple Ad Club which focuses on advertising and helping students learn and network from industry professionals. I am very into photography and graphic design, and love traveling and trying new things.

Where are you from, where do you go to school and if you could live anywhere in the world; where would you live?

I am from Lumberton, NJ and I go to Temple Main in Philadelphia. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in San Fransisco or London. I have always wanted to live in San Fran, but only for a few years even though I have never been. I visited London during my time abroad and really enjoyed how it had a major city feeling, but was still rich with history. Both of these places are advertising hubs as well so I would be able to pursue a dream location and a dream job.

What’s something nobody knows about you?

Something nobody knows about me is that I put ketchup in my mac n cheese. All I’m saying is don’t knock it until you try it. Also that I’m really into graphic design, and unless you know me well you would not know.

What is your major? How do you think attending Temple Rome this semester will help further your professional goals?

Attending Temple University Rome this semester has helped me to become more independent and confident in my own work, and has also given me a new set of skills. Coming to study abroad has really helped me to start figuring things out for myself, and in a way, forced me to come out of my shell of comfortability while being at home. I have also been lucky enough to have an internship abroad and this has helped me with my communication skills and learning a new work environment thats different than America.

Rome is an ancient city filled with many secrets. What is your favorite hidden gem spot you’ve found in Rome or here at TUR? (study spot, park, favorite restaurant, anything!)

My all time favorite spot in Rome, well for food at least, is MAMMO Street Food in Trastevere. My friends and I stumbled upon this place while searching for iced coffee in Rome, and once I went, I never turned back. They have everything that I want when I have a craving for American food. Their iced coffee is phenomenal, their bagel sandwiches are so good, and they are the only place in Rome I have found that serves ranch. So there is really no beating this place for me.

What would like to accomplish by the end of the semester here at TUR?

I would like to have an actual conversation with an Italian. I want to be able to hold a small conversation with someone that doesn’t work for Temple or even at a store or bar. I want to just be able to meet someone and talk to them for a little to see how much Italian I have actually learned while being here and did not even realize.

What is your favorite class you’re taking this semester, and why? What are you most excited to learn about?

My favorite class this semester is Darkroom Photography. This class is great because it is an escape from the typical classroom structure. It forces me to get out and see Rome and try to find interesting spots to get pictures in. I am most excited to learn the entire process of shooting with film because this is something I have been interested in for a while, but have never had the opportunity to develop film on my own.

What advice would you give to students thinking about attending Temple Rome in the future?

Advice I would give students thinking about studying at Temple Rome is to picture themselves being here, and if they think it is what they want to do, then just do it! Coming to study abroad can be very intimidating at first and everyone has their fair share of doubts, but this has genuinely been the best experience of my life and I hope that everyone who even thinks they would enjoy being abroad gets the chance to do it at least once. Also, when you see the word bar on a storefront it’s actually a cafe, it was pretty confusing at first.