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Grand Opening of Art Gallery Exhibition: “Safe Travels/Interrupted Flows”

On Tuesday July 5th, Temple University Rome had a grand opening for their new art gallery exhibition. “Safe Travels/Interrupted Flows” is a curated collection of photos that takes you through the journey of an African immigrant in Italy. Students, faculty, and locals came to the university to walk through the gallery and see the struggles and emotions experienced by…

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SAFE TRAVELS/INTERRUPTED FLOWS Curated by Marta Bordignon, Camilla Lai e Lorenzo Rinelli in collaboration with Shara Wasserman. Through 55 photographs, Safe Travels offers an intimate view into the life of the hundreds of immigrants who leave Africa for Italy, along a so called “African Way”: from the misery and threat of their home life, to their difficult and dangerous…

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INTRECCI d’arte & d’amicizia

The exhibition presents the works of 4 artists, Uberti, Mattia, Fogli and Cafagna, who live and work in a co-working space on Via della Lungara 18; in turn, these artists were asked to invite one artist each, who have a particular importance to their work, with Cantisani, Eustachio, Frolet and Azeez. Although these 8 artists do not form a…

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Student Exhibition

  The exhibition showcases the many wonderful works created by our talented visual arts and architecture students during their semester at Temple University Rome.   Where: Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, 15 00196 Roma   When: April 18th 2019 Opening Thursday, April 18th at 7 pm.  

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MFA Student Show

  The show will present the works that the three first year graduate students produced during their year at Temple Rome.   Where: Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, 15 00196 Roma   When: April 9th 2019 – April 12th 2019 Opening Tuesday, April 9th at 7 pm.  

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Now and Forward Exhibition: Weaving Stories of Mark Making

Bringing together a variety of mediums and styles, the works on the walls of Now and Forward weave together stories of mark making; the free-standing sculptural pieces investigate texture and humor. Upon entering the exhibit, viewers are asked, “Dove va l’humanita?” on an eye-catching oblique mirror—the kind used to see around corners—immediately inviting both literal and figurative self-reflection while…

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Tiny Biennale, Light/Luce

TINY BIENNALE, LightLuce Una mostra di opere in miniatura Tiny Biennale, a curation by Susan Moore, will begin exhibition on Tuesday, March 12th at the Gallery of Art at Temple University Rome. The Tiny Biennale is a collection of miniature works no bigger than 8 cm that will be arranged throughout the gallery space. This year’s theme for the…

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Now And Forward: 2019 Spring Exhibition in Temple Rome Gallery

Temple University Rome proudly presents the second installation of Now and Forward: Emerging Artists in Rome, an expanding field! The exhibit will feature artworks from 13 young and emerging visual artists of various disciplines who’s work demonstrates an understanding of contemporary art practices. In an exciting addition, this year’s exhibition will feature work from three of Temple University Rome’s…

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Temple Rome Student Exhibition

Last Thursday, Temple University Rome held its student exhibition.  Temple students have been working all semester long on creating paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photography, printmaking, papermaking and developing sketchbooks. This was a special gallery opening for the art students because they were able to present their hard work to fellow students and staff.  For some students, this was their…

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