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Tiny Biennale VII edizione

Tiny Biennale invitation: theme 2020, Tues. 18 February at 7 PM

Una mostra di opere in miniatura Tiny Biennale, a curation by Susan Moore, will begin exhibition on Tuesday, February 18th at the Gallery of Art at Temple University Rome. The Tiny Biennale is a collection of miniature works no bigger than 8 cm that will be arranged throughout the gallery space. This year’s theme for the exhibition is “2020”…

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Spotlight Series: Esra Ersen

Spotlight Series Invitation: Esra Ersen; Tue. Feb. 4 @ 18.30

Temple University Rome presents its Spotlight Series! The Series intends to highlight the work of artists and art professionals in a public, informal, and engaging format during an evening at Temple University Rome. Featuring artist Esra Ersen A Possible History II / Turkish Heroes, Chinese Knick Knacks 2015, video installation, 31’09” Developed for the 14th Istanbul Biennial A Possible…

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Gallery Opening: When Green Turns Red, Roberta Sanges

When Green Turns Red Gallery Invite

The Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome is pleased to present the exhibition When Green Turns Red, a sound installation, icons on wood, and a continuous ink drawing by Roman artist Roberta Sanges. A self-declared “artisan,” Sanges spends a great deal of time in her studio, keeping her doors open to the public, eager to have the attention of…

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Through the Keyhole: A Glance Inside the Order of Malta

Students in Order of Malta Gardens

On Friday, November 15, 2019, Temple Rome was granted the opportunity to a private, English guided visit in the Order of Malta. Traditionally, the Order of Malta is an 11th century Catholic lay religious order, containing military, chivalric, and noble nature. Frequently referred to as a sovereign nation, it holds no official recognition despite issuing passports and currency as…

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Temple Rome Represented in Cameroon, Africa

Prof. Dr. Maria Ponce de Leon, a long-time Italian/American member of the faculty at Temple University Rome, represented TUR at an International Colloquium held at University of Dschang in Cameroon, in Africa, on November 6-7. This unique opportunity to participate in an academic conference in Cameroon, one of the lesser known touristic destinations in Africa, began its itinerary on…

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A Private Tour of the Quirinale

Male student looking up at gold-plated ceiling at the Roman Quirinale

Temple University Rome students, faculty and staff got another unique opportunity to visit the Quirinale–the residence of Italy’s president. With its 110,500 square metres and 1200 rooms, the residence is the ninth-largest palace in the world. The tour is an in-depth lesson about the art, architecture, and history of the building. Each room is filled with layers of details,…

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A Jug, a Glove and Things That Are Still

A Jug, a Glove and Things That Are Still Cynthia Bassan, Rena Effendi, Patricia Glee Smith   Where: Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, 15 00196 Roma   When: From Nov. 5th to Nov. 27th 2019 Opening Tuesday, Nov. 5th at 7 pm   The Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome, is delighted to present…

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Q&A with Temple Rome Entry Year Student: Angelica Scotto

Headshot Angelica Scotto

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Angelica Scotto is a Freshman at Temple University Rome, majoring in Global Studies. She is currently participating in the Temple Rome Entry Year Program where she will complete the first year of her studies here in Rome, and then finish her degree and graduate at Temple’s Main Campus in Philadelphia. Angelica, being part Italian, decided to…

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