Cooking Class

This past week, Temple Rome students had the chance to become Italian chefs.  A group of ten students attended the Travel Eat Discover (TED) cooking class, organized by Temple Rome University.  The event was hosted by local Roman chefs Amanda and Carlos.

Amanda started the class off by educating the students on different ways to make tiramisù.  After learning how to make the delicious dessert, each student made their own dish and added their own personal touch with unique designs.

Carlos taught the students how to make fresh flour and egg pasta.  The students used their hands to mix the ingredients, rolled the dough out, and put it through a pasta making press to create their finished product!

Once the pasta was done cooking, the students and chefs sat together to enjoy their home-cooked meal with wine and talked about their life in Italy.

To see pictures from this experience, visit our Temple Rome Facebook page!