Frank Dabell featured in Wall Street Journal

A recent Wall Street Journal Article about indulgent travel in Rome featured our very own Frank Dabell, a professor of Art History here at Temple University Rome. The article features Prof. Dabell’s “Mosaics and Marbles” half-day tour that brings visitors the lesser known sites of Rome. “He also leads his clients right past the hordes of tourists,” states the WSJ article, highlighting Dabell’s unique and personalized tour of the city.

Christian churches, Sant’Agnese, Cosmatesque floors, and mosaic masterpieces are just the beginning of the Mosaics and Marbles tour that provides visitors of Rome an experience that is unlike any other. The Wall Street Journal calls this tour a “culture fix” in an article covering how to spend a day in Rome, a place filled with “rarefied charms.”

To learn more about Frank Dabell and his Mosaics and Marbles tour that was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, visit here.