Impronte Romane

Mostra: Impronte Romane: New Directions in Printmaking

Curated by Devin Kovach and Sarah Linford

Data: Gallery opening on Thursday, May 3rd at 7pm.

Dove: Gallery of Art
Temple University Rome
Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, 15


Impronte Romane: New Directions in Printmaking, conceived to complement Print Think Italy 2018, a week-long printmaking symposium sponsored by Temple University Rome and featuring the major Roman practitioners and institutions of traditional print media (May 14-21, 2018), highlights experimental modes of printmaking that advance the extraordinary legacy of the graphic arts in Rome.  Artists from or currently working in Rome, or who experimented with prints during a significant tenure in the Eternal City, were invited to propose works that expand or renew the field of traditional printmaking.  The resulting group of twenty-six artists, selected by an international panel of curators and print specialists, demonstrate the versatility of printmaking practice today and illuminate how contemporary artists engage with the question of reproducibility, the idea of the multiple, and the unique impression of the hand printed image.  


The show commences with an opening on May 3rd and closes on May 25th.


An artists’ meet and greet, in the context of the Print Think symposium, is scheduled for May 18th at 18.30


A catalogue of the exhibition, edited by the curators, will be published Fall 2018 as part of a larger volume of historical essays and conference proceeding excerpts.