Meet TUR’s First Student Sustainability Coordinator

Photo of Celine Bibbone

Introducing Celine Bibonne: Temple University Rome’s First Student Sustainability Coordinator!

Celine is a Junior Temple student studying Environmental Studies and Business, and she has always been passionate about the protecting the environment- no matter what part of the world she is in! This is Celine’s second semester attending Temple Rome, and as soon as she heard about this new internship position on campus for the Spring semester, she knew she had to seize the opportunity and apply.

She is in charge of many exciting sustainability initiatives this semester, and she is ready to set the bar high by keeping teachers, students and faculty informed on how to implement sustainable and environmentally conscious practices!

Check out this short interview to learn more about Celine’s passions and semester goals below!

1. What’s your internship title and what does that entail?

I am TUR’s student sustainability coordinator. I help educate the TUR students on sustainability issues present on campus and in Rome. Through this position, I keep the students informed about recent news and initiatives currently taking place, as well as, researching and aiding the school to implement more progressive changes such as: installing recycling bins, selling reusable water bottles, increasing the availability of water fountains, helping install a TUR garden, and suggesting other ideas that will move Temple Rome to a more sustainable, positive future.

2. Why are you passionate about sustainability?

In today’s day and age, being conscientious about our environment and being environmentally friendly is no longer a suggestion but it has become a necessity. There is no Planet B so we need to take care of the planet we have. By doing this, we take care of ourselves and future generations to come. Being environmentally conscientious and practicing sustainability will help keep our earth, water, air, and other living organisms healthy and safe, while improving our quality of life.

3. What initiatives do you have around campus for this semester?

This semester we are hoping to install more recycling bins of various sorts: glass, aluminum, paper, plastic, electronics, and organic waste. We are hoping to introduce compostable utensils and kitchenware on campus and install our own vegetable garden with a composting site. TUR is also looking to get more involved with Roman community groups to better the local community and environment and to get the students further involved in positive change.

As a part of Celine’s internship duties, she makes extremely informative posts for our students in our Facebook page like these. They’re helpful, popular among the students and they really make a difference! On behalf of TUR, thank you for all your hard work Celine.