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Palma Pavone


Palma grew up in Puglia (the heel of Italy) and studied Classical Archaeology at the Università del Salento. Upon receiving her degree in Classical Archaeology in 2004, Palma focused her studies in the field of Library Sciences, gaining practical experience by working in various libraries within the Salento Area. Before joining Temple Rome, Palma worked in libraries at the Università del Salento, the Istituto per la Storia ed Archeologia della Magna Grecia” in Taranto and as a cataloguer for the company “Articolo 9”, in the city of Lecce. Palma came to TUR as the Library Assistant in 2008 and has since become the Head Librarian. Palma handles all technical and practical issues involved in running a University Library, including constantly updating our collection and keeping up to date on cataloguing rules and innovations. In addition to her work at the TUR library, Palma has been taking courses at the Vatican Library to further her specialization in Library Studies.


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