Perfetta Letizia Gallery Opening

Last Thursday, Parterre Officine Sociali presented Perfetta Letizia Gallery Opening at Temple University Rome.  This event was created by Andrea Ruggieri and Gianfranco Geraci in collaboration with Maria Elena Raschi.

The artists of the paintings and drawings presented are residents at a therapeutic-rehabilitation facility in Villa Letizia, where the event got its name from.  They have been working hard all year long to prepare for this show at Temple University Rome.  The artists’ pschyo therapist encouraged the residents to express their emotions on paper.  Usually, every year the artists are given a theme of the connection between creativity and madness, but this year they had a more peaceful depiction of their work.

In addition to the art, attendees were served Sicilian food, wine from and beverages.  Attendees were also given the opportunity to buy the beautiful pieces to support the artists’ organization.

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