Photography Excursion to Milano: Spring 2019

Darkroom and Digital Photography Excursion to Milano!

During the first weekend of April, Temple University Rome’s Darkroom and Digital Photography classes went on a weekend excursion to Milan to snapshot everything the city has to offer, especially the MIArt Fair.

The first day in Milan was dedicated to visiting the beautiful Duomo in the center of the city. Students had the opportunity to see the inside and climb to the top to admire the view and architecture.

Saturday was the day of the MIArt fair, which showcased modern and contemporary art from different galleries all around the world. Artists such as David Hockney and Nan Goldin were featured in this show.

The final day consisted of a visit to Bosco Verticale and Fondazione Prada. Bosco Verticale is a residential skyscraper covered in thousands of trees; it is quite a beautiful sight! On the other hand, The Prada Foundation is a contemporary art museum. The museum itself is comprised of several complex and unique buildings, filled with out of the box styles of art.