Dr. Jan Gadeyne Contributes to Map of the Aurelian Walls

crowd walking to piazza del popolo

Professor Jan Gadeyne is one of 6 people who contributed to the making of a map to promote the Aurelian walls and its role in the present city to the citizens of Rome. The map shows the main architectural features of the earliest expansion of the city just outside the walls after Rome became capital in 1870.

Brochure of Aurelian wall map

This map is the result of a series of walks that were organized between 2018 and 2020 by the “comitato delle mura latine” and the national institute of architecture in collaboration with architects, planners, archaeologists, botanists, etc. who explained the various aspects of the walls and their relation to the city to the people participating at these walks. The main purpose of the initiative is to make people aware of the historical presence, cultural importance and urban potential of the walls, that until now have often been neglected in the overall discourse about the city of the future. The next step is to write a guidebook to the map in 2021.

Stay tuned to learn more about where you can purchase a copy.

Update (12/14/20): A feature about the project, entitled “‘Let’s save the Aurelian Walls’ Sos of volunteers to candidates” was printed in La Repubblica newspaper. Click here to view the article.