Roundtable Event: Italian Political Elections

Marta Bordignon, a political science professor at Temple University Rome hosted a round table event on Thursday, February 15th as a way for students from her class as well as other interested Temple Rome students to learn about the complexity of the Italian Political system as well as the upcoming elections taking place on March 4th.

Guest speakers included Giampiero Calapa and Andrea Russo.

Andrea Russo, a twenty year old representative from the Italian Students’ Union informed students on the cycle of Italian elections as well as the voting culture throughout Italy. Being around the same age as most students in the audience, Andrea was able to answer questions coming from a perspective similar to the American students in the room.

Giampiero Calapa, a journalist, lectured on the similarities and differences between the American and Italian political systems, specifically coming from the perspective of the Italian media.

Temple University Rome students who participated in this event were able to ask questions about the complexity of the Italian political parties, voter demographics, the similarities and differences between American and Italian elections and much more.

It was interesting to learn about how many political parties there are in Italy compared to the historically two party system in the United States.