Student of the Week Bayley Irish

Where are you from?     

I was born in Salem, Massachusetts and raised in northern New England before I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for high school. Big shout out to Taylor Allderdice! I now live full time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What school do you go to?     

I attend Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I study finance and management information systems. Go Owls!

What made you choose to study abroad at Temple Rome?     

I chose to study abroad at Temple’s Rome campus for many different reasons. First, and most importantly, I have many close friends back at Temple’s main campus whom shared with me profoundly unique and incredible stories from their time in Rome last spring. I also discovered a great internship program through Temple Rome that I saw as an opportunity to broaden my horizons within the big and bold industry of Finance (I was correct in my assumption). At first, I found the idea of an international internship to be intimidating. I soon realized what an outstanding chance this is for me to diversify myself as a candidate to potential employers in the future. Finally, I love to travel, and did my research on the best places to check out during the fall in Italy and Europe. I must say, Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany is a must if you’re planning on coming to Temple Rome in the fall. PROST!

What has been your favorite school experience?     

So far, my favorite school experience with Temple Rome has been our trip to Italy’s Umbria region. Not only was the scenic view from the medieval hilltop town of Todi breathtaking, but the delicious 10 course meal served at Castello di Titignano was quite the experience. I have to give props to my boss, Gianni Marangio, who helped plan and manage one of the best (and tastiest) school events ever.

What has been your favorite overall experience so far?     

I must say that my favorite experience while studying abroad has been the simplicity of being able to share with my fellow peers the feeling of excitement and, sometimes, embarrassing confusion of living in a foreign country. No matter how homesick I am, or how nerve wracking it can get to live in a place where I am unfamiliar with the language, I am always aware of the fact that everyone around me is going through a very similar experience. It may sound a bit weird, but it’s comforting to me and that’s all that matters.

What do you hope to accomplish before leaving?     

Before heading back to good ol’ Philadelphia, I hope to accomplish my goal of finding another internship opportunity related to my field of study for the summer of 2019. I have had a great experience in Rome both professionally and academically and am enthused to utilize my strengthened skillset once I am back in the USA. Grazie mille, Roma!