Student of the Week: Cahleb Derry

Introducing our Student of the Week, Cahleb Derry!

Cahleb is a Junior at Harvard College currently studying History and Literature, and back at school in Boston, he does a lot of work in the arts. He is a first year arts program proctor, a member of a co-ed contemporary and competitive a cappella group called The Harvard LowKeys, and he also serves on the Dean of Arts & Humanities Board! In addition to these extracurriculars, he interns at the Office of BGLTQ Student Life.

Cahleb decided to attend classes at Temple University Rome this semester because he really likes what our school has to offer in terms of cultural immersion, and he wanted to challenge himself to go abroad somewhere he knew no one so he could make new meaningful relationships. In his free time, you can find him singing, cooking or running. Temple University Rome is happy to have you here Cahleb, thank you for taking some time to answer these questions about your experience so far!

Where are you from, where do you go to school and if you could live anywhere in the world; where would you live?

I am from New York, I go to Harvard College and if I could live anywhere in the world, it would probably be Jamaica!

What’s something nobody knows about you?

I really, really love bread. Maybe some people know this about me but… I love it so much. I eat it with literally every meal, including meals that already have bread heavily incorporated (like pizza and sandwiches), woops.

What is your major? How do you think attending Temple Rome this semester will help further your professional goals?

My major is History & Literature. In the future, I hope to work in the entertainment industry, and I believe in order to work with people in such an intense capacity, an international and worldly perspective is crucial! I am so glad Temple Rome is providing me with the experience to learn about a new culture in such an unfamiliar environment.

Rome is ancient city filled with many secrets. What is your favorite hidden gem spot you’ve found in Rome or here at TUR? (study spot, park, favorite restaurant, anything!)

There are two ways to walk to campus from my apartment, and the path that is a bit windier, but more efficient, has one stretch of beautiful Stone Pine (the botanical name is Pinus pinea) that always seems to be so much larger than the city itself. They’re absolutely beautiful and almost resemble a tropical-like environment. I love walking by them, they remind me how blessed I am to be in a city as beautiful as Rome for four months!

What would like to accomplish by the end of the semester here at TUR?

I want to be able to communicate in Italian at a conversational level by the end of the semester. I know I am not here long enough to pick up the language fluently, but I want to use this rare opportunity of immersion to become much more proficient in this new language.

What is your favorite class you’re taking this semester, and why? What are you most excited to learn about?

I really love my Art History class – Masters of Renaissance. In another context, I don’t think I’d be able to find a connection to the material, but physically visiting/viewing the material that we are discussing in class and touching/seeing sites and artwork that has existed for thousands of years has made the experience so much more palatable and impactful. I am really looking forward to our class trip to Venice in a few weeks and look forward to learning more about the influence of the Moors in Venetian Art and Architecture!

What advice would you give to students thinking about attending Temple Rome in the future?

DO it! And be prepared to have numerous unanswered questions, a lot of uncomfortable situations and plenty of time to figure it out! 🙂