Student of the Week: Kamron Sohrabian

Kamron Sohrabian

Where are you from?   

I am from Irvine, California and have lived there my entire life. Irvine is located in Orange County, in between LA and San Diego counties.

What school do you go to?     

I go to Chapman University in Orange, Ca, only a 20-minute drive from my home in Irvine.

What made you choose to study abroad at Temple Rome?     

I visited Rome last year and absolutely fell in love with Italians, their culture, and everything about the city. I chose Rome because I wanted to intertwine the Roman culture with my own.

What has been your favorite experience so far?     

I would have to say my favorite experience so far was the trip we took as a program to Todi. The city was breathtakingly gorgeous. It was such a phenomenal experience, and I definitely want to visit again. The feast at Titignano was a delightful addition to this amazing day.

What do you hope to accomplish before leaving?     

One thing I’d like to accomplish before leaving is making a ton of friends with local Italian teenagers/young adults that live in Rome. I already am good friends with 2 locals, but I would love to expand my circle even more. Not only can I improve on my Italian by having Italian friends, but I get a more vivid insight into their culture and how they “live life” in general.