Student of the Week Kaya Jones

Where are you from?     

I am from Pittsburgh, PA.

What school do you go to?     

I go to Temple University, as a Junior, double major in Journalism and Political Science.

What made you choose to study abroad at Temple Rome?     

I wanted to study abroad to broaden my cultural horizons. I have always been interested in traveling the world and I thought “what a better opportunity than now?” I did not know much about Italy or the Italian cultural, therefore I was very excited to be exposed to a completely new and unknown environment.

What has been your favorite school experience?     

The school has offered so many great activities for the students to be involved in that I cannot pick just one. Some of the experiences I have enjoyed so far are the trip to Todi, the cooking class, the wine tasting and my class excursions to Naples and Lisbon.

What has been your favorite overall experience so far?     

My internship has been a great experience! I have a better understanding of what I would like my future career to be and I gained a mentor through my supervisor, Sara. I have enjoyed learning a new language and also loved visiting London (I may have to live there some time in life). Overall living abroad has granted me with a better understanding of myself and the world that surrounds me.

What do you hope to accomplish before leaving?     

I would love to gain friendships with Italians and also close friendships with the students in my program to continue growing back home.