Student of the Week: Rosalind Moran

Introducing our Student of the Week: Rosalind Moran!

Rozzie is a Junior Human Resources Major in the Fox School of Business back at Temple Main in Philadelphia and this is actually her second time studying abroad! Last summer she jetted to Oviedo, Spain for the 6 week summer program (she has a Spanish minor!) and recalls it as being one of the best experiences of her life, which is why she is so excited to be studying abroad once again here in Rome.

Back in Philadelphia, she is the outreach coordinator for the Fox Student Philanthropic Society, a member of the SPO Society for Human Resource Management and a member of Temple Ecoeating! She is a proud vegan, an amazing dancer and extremely passionate about the things she cares about. She is such a positive and wonderful addition to our TUR community – keep up the good work Rozzie!

Where are you from, where do you go to school and if you could live anywhere in the world; where would you live?

I’m from Trumbull Connecticut and I go to Temple University’s main campus in Philadelphia. If I could live anywhere in the world I would live in Waikiki, Hawaii because it is a city on a gorgeous beach and the weather is perfect.

What’s something nobody knows about you?

I was homeschooled during elementary school.

What is your major? How do you think attending Temple Rome this semester will help further your professional goals?

My major is Human Resources and my minor is Spanish. Human resources is all about understanding and being inclusive of all people, regardless of how familiar you are with another’s culture or background. Living in Rome has allowed me to fully experience a culture that I am unfamiliar with. I am outside of my comfort zone here, however, feeling fine with being outside of your comfort zone is crucial for human resource managers. We have to know how to make others feel good even when we are not entirely cozy. I think that Rome will teach me how to make people feel good and comfortable here, even though I am not familiar with their customs and habits.

Rome is an ancient city filled with many secrets. What is your favorite hidden gem spot you’ve found in Rome or here at TUR? (study spot, park, favorite restaurant, anything!)

My favorite hidden gem is definitely the rooftop of Residence Candia. When the weather is nice, my favorite thing is to go up there to eat, study, workout or just relax. There is usually nobody else up there, so I really enjoy the time to myself on such a beautiful rooftop. It is filled with flowers and has a beautiful view of the city of Rome. I really love and appreciate that spot.

What would like to accomplish by the end of the semester here at TUR?

I would like to have visited all the major cities in Italy. I have been to Florence, Venice, and Milan, but I am hoping to go to Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, and Naples. This country is rich in historical significance and natural beauty and I would love to experience all it has to offer.

What is your favorite class you’re taking this semester, and why? What are you most excited to learn about?

My favorite class is probably Sustainable Environments. This class teaches us all about how the environment works and how we, as a society, can do better for the earth. I am learning a lot about the impact our daily activities have on the earth, and it makes me feel like I want to act and make a difference. Having a class that makes me feel empowered and excited to act is very special and unusual. I am very lucky that I get to take a class like this one here in Rome.

What advice would you give to students thinking about attending Temple Rome in the future?

I would tell students that they absolutely should choose Temple Rome to study abroad. This experience has changed how I see the world and has opened my eyes to so much beauty. I am grateful every day that I get to wake up in a country this special.