Summer I Orientation and Events

Pizza Party

After a long flight, hungry and eager students began their journey with an authentic Italian pizza party at the university. From potato pizza to Margherita, students chowed and chatted and had the opportunity to check out their classrooms, meet their peers, and even try the café vending machines. The night continued long after the last slice was taken and the vibrant energy set the tone for the next few days.

Walking Tour

Students broke off into smaller groups to get acquainted with Roman neighborhoods, transportation, and markets. Quartiere Flaminio beamed with friendly locals and made a great spot to enjoy lunch while learning more about life in Italy. Journeying with a tour-guide was very helpful in familiarizing surrounding areas.


This event was a great way for students to create bonds with fellow classmates who they will be living and exploring the city of Rome with over the next 6 weeks. Meeting new people is just as important to the study abroad experience as learning a new culture.  Afterwards, they got tips and advice from Temple University Rome staff on the ins and outs of living and traveling abroad.

Todi Excursion

After exploring the rare beauty and divine history of Todi the group ventured to eat a real Italian style seven-course meal at the Castello of Titignano. The lunch was vast and plentiful with many courses, different wines, and completed with homemade tiramisu and espresso. Students truly got an authentic Italian experience which they will remember for a long time.