Taste of Home

With only a few weeks left of the semester, it was a perfect time for Temple University Rome students to have a little “Taste of Home.” In the student lounge, students had the chance to eat some of their favorite foods that they have been missing from home! Pulled pork, meatball subs, buffalo wings, and coleslaw were all on the menu. This taste of home was provided by “Coney Island Streetfood” who specialize in making delicious foods that remind us all of home!

Some of the students who were at the event appreciated this taste of home and were asked what else they miss from America, other than buffalo wings! Pets, friends and family, clubs and organizations, and the variety of food in America were all answers that were given. Four more weeks stand between students and what they’re missing from home, but for now they are enjoying the Roman cuisine, warm weather, and their last few weeks of the semester!