Temple Rome Art Gallery Opening ft. Hummustown

Temple University Rome hosted its first Gallery Opening of the semester yesterday, starting Spring 2018 off just right. This first opening was called Now and Forward, aiming to identify young and emerging artists here in Rome.

Many of these artists have attended national academies in Rome, and some have already exhibited their work throughout other cities. This event was filled with artists, students, and Italians who took their time strolling and admiring the unique artwork presented in the gallery.

Temple Rome students and gallery attendees were able to mingle with other students, Italians and artists while trying out some new foods from Hummustown, a company founded in March 2017.

Hummustown was created as a way to assist Syrian refugees in earning a steady income here in Rome. At the height of the Syrian refugee crisis, Hummustown emerged in order to allow hard working people to make cultural dishes throughout Rome, providing for themselves and their families by cooking, packaging, and distributing their dishes.

Attendees at the Now and Forward Gallery Opening were able to experience Hummustown first hand with free trials as well as the opportunity to purchase some of the authentic cuisine.

Two Temple students, Jessica Kuhlmeier and Kyshon Johnson now intern for Hummustown.