Temple Rome Student Exhibition

Last Thursday, Temple University Rome held its student exhibition.  Temple students have been working all semester long on creating paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photography, printmaking, papermaking and developing sketchbooks.

This was a special gallery opening for the art students because they were able to present their hard work to fellow students and staff.  For some students, this was their first time creating or presenting artwork in a gallery.  Attendees gazed at the artwork that was inspired by the students’ time here in Europe and learned about what inspired the work.  If attendees desired, they were able to purchase artwork to support the students.

It is a weird feeling to have my work shown in a gallery since I am not an art major. I learned a lot about myself and how I operate.  I learned how to accept art. –Alyona Rybakova, Temple University Rome student

To view pictures from this event, visit our Temple University Rome Facebook page!