Temple Rome Students Tutor in an Italian High School

This past Fall 2018 semester, Temple University Rome students had the unique opportunity to tutor Italian high school students at Mamiani High School. The project coordinator of “Be a tutor in Roma” is our Italian language professor Daniela Curioso.

Temple students assisted the Mamiani English language professors with teaching Italian students from 14 to 19 years of age.  They would work with the students for one hour a week to promote and encourage discussion in all levels in English.  Responsibilities included the selection of topics and the organization of in-class activities to facilitate practice in speaking and comprehension. A big topic in their conversation was American stereotypes and how American high schools differ from Italian high schools.
At the end of the semester, all of our students received a certificate that represented their time serving as a volunteer English language tutor in Rome.
Immediately, I was interested in becoming a part of the program.  I knew teaching a class once a week was definitely a time commitment that I could handle, and it seemed like a good way to get a better understanding of daily life in Rome. -Cecilia D’Arville, Temple University Rome student