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Chris Victor

The Rome program was a special time for me as I judge it was for many. My time there broadened my perspective of the world. It introduced me to a whole new culture and language that I am still appreciating and learning from today.

As an artist, the experience left me with a deepened appreciation for the history that has led us to our art of today. Not only to experience some incredible works in person but as importantly, or even more importantly, to see and learn the cultural context they arose from. I don’t know if there is a better way to become aware of our own cultural context in making art than to experience another’s. That’s what the Tyler Rome program did for me.

My wife, Rochelle and my two boys, Cody and Quinn and I live in the Hudson Valley in New York, where I continue to make my work.

I’m not sure if your when l could return to Rome but I would love the opportunity to be there while school is in session sometime to do some studio visits and an artist talk.
I remember how impactful my teachers were during my time there, I would love the opportunity to give some of that back.


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