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Courtney Kensworthy Cohee, ’92

Courtney Kensworthy Cohee, a Penn State student who studied at TUR the Spring of 1992, recently visited Temple Rome with her husband Brian. She credits her time at Temple Rome for beginning her love affair with Italy, a country she and her husband return to often. “I remember fondly several things including roaming the city taking photos for class as well as studying for the art history final by visiting each of the works we studied in person.” She writes from her home in Santa Monica, California. “I also remember eating a lot, I mean A LOT, of Pizza Rustica. My husband and I are foodies so we really enjoyed eating our way through Rome. After visiting the school we went to the Pizza Rustica shop nearby that I frequented in school and enjoyed a couple of slices picnicking in Piazza del Popolo. I can’t wait to return to Rome sometime soon.”

Courtney is the Director of Development at Barlow Respiratory Hospital in Los Angeles.


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