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Edward and Ellen Weber

Edward Weber, DO (TUR Fall 1970) and his wife Ellen recently visited us at the TUR campus, fitting us in between a visit to his host family of 45 years ago in Arezzo and a hiking trip in the Amalfi Coast. A recently retired radiologist, professor and author, Ed reflected on his transformative semester at Temple Rome.

“I knew of course that there was a larger world outside of my limited experience of Philadelphia and the usual American vacation destinations. However, that is not the same as knowing that I could actually, personally, experience that more extensive world.” He writes, “Attending Temple Rome in the fall of 1970 changed my perception, not of the world, but of myself, of what I could do and where I could go. That semester changed my personal reality. It changed my expectation of achievably engaging with the world at large away from family and away from old friends and familiar places. I became convinced that the very different could become familiar.


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