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Harry Bartnick, ’70–71

Harry Bartnick, a Tyler student at TUR for the 1970-71 schoolyear, is a recently retired art professor at Suffolk University in Boston and is now working full-time on his photography and painting. Although he returns to Rome annually to reconnect with friends and to work, this was his first visit back at TUR with classes in session, and he found the positive changes impressive: “Much more space, more student diversity, and more connectivity with Italian artists and scholars. As well, the non-art programs have grown dramatically. It’s great to see TUR continuing to evolve and thrive.” In 2001 Harry was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to take aerial photographs, to be used as reference material for paintings, of housing and industrial development in the Roman Campagna. “Renting planes from the city airport on Via Salaria and getting an aerial view of the city’s outskirts was, literally, one of the highpoints of my Rome experience.”


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