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Justin Krouse, ’19–20

student standing in front of temple university entrance

Rome is an interesting city. Have you been anywhere so far that is just as interesting as Rome?

Not outside of Rome, but around every corner there’s something beautiful to marvel at or learn about. I’ve been to Villa Borghese and of all the public parks I’ve ever been to, it’s the most amazing I’ve seen. Not only that, just the other weekend I saw the Pantheon. It’s crazy to see in person these sculptures and sites you’ve only read or heard about.

What do you hope to do with or in your major and how do you think this study abroad experience will tie into it?

I hope to open or grow my own infused foods company. College isn’t entirely necessary to become an entrepreneur, which is my ultimate goal. Despite that, I appreciate the education I’m able to get here, as well as the abroad experiences I’d be missing out on if I stayed home.

Favorite Roman dish?

I’d have to say cacio e pepe, mainly because that’s the only dish name I can remember. Gelato’s always a go to as well.

What’s your favorite Italian snack?

I guess gelato, but I also love maritozzo, if I remember correctly, with a cappuccino.

Are there any adjustments you find easy or difficult to adapt to than back home?

The hardest part is not living the same routine you’re able to back home. Very often you have to get used to entirely new processes or routines and it can be difficult, but by now I feel accustomed to the things that originally were foreign to me. 

3 word mantra?

Live brilliantly/authentically!


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