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Michael McOwen, ’76–77

Michael McOwen, a St. Andrews college student who studied printmaking at TUR for the 1976 -1977 school year, recently visited Temple Rome with his wife, Beth Storie. As Michael reflects on his study abroad experience 38 years ago, “my year at Temple Rome in 77-78 set a course for me that I’m still on. For me it had lot to do with transitioning from the mindset of being a student to the mindset of being a practicing artist. The act of uprooting from the daily familiarity of my native culture to being on my own in a foreign place caused a a big personal shift. Combine that with students and teacher’s who regularly demanded a lot more from me artistically than I was used to and by the end of the year I was deeply transformed. The experience took me well beyond my comfort zones in ways I never would have done on my own and shaped the standards and practices I have lived with for my whole professional life. I also made many good friends, loved, ate fabulous food, learned a new language, and lived a life I never would have known. I really had no idea what I was getting into and couldn’t have conceived of what the year would bring, but it was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life.”


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