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Sharon Erlich, ’79

Two female women smiling together in center of art studio with two other female students on their side of them in the background, working on their assignment.

“Forty years ago I made the best decision of my life by deciding to attend Temple Abroad in Rome. Studying at TUR has had a bigger impact on my life than almost any other event I can think of. For one thing, it kicked off a forty-year love of travel and exploration of other cultures. As a student in Rome, being immersed in the art, culture, language, people—absolutely everything opened my eyes and soul to this wonderful city and exceptional country. Doing only a junior year wasn’t enough for me—I did both my junior and senior years in Rome. As a printmaking major (1978-1980) I pretty much lived in the printmaking studio in the basement. I studied under Nona Hershey and Rocky Toner—two amazing teachers. I have been back to Italy many times over the years and this time was excited to be able to visit the campus and see all the changes that Villa Caproni has undertaken. The faculty I met with couldn’t have been any warmer or more welcoming. My trip back to Rome this time was way too short, but i will be back soon. Alla prossima!”


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