Tiny Biennale Gallery Opening: Spring 2019

The Tiny Biennale, a curation by Susan Moore had its opening night this past Tuesday, March 12th at the Gallery of Art at Temple University Rome.

Just as in years past, it was a great success. The Tiny Biennale exhibits a collection of miniature works no bigger than 8cm with a certain theme, this year’s theme being light. The submissions at the exhibition were all unique with a range of mediums from paintings, photographs to small sculptures. On the night of the opening, the gallery space was teeming with artists, students, friends and family who were eager to see what had been created. Each piece of art was on sale and the money made will allow Temple Rome University to contribute towards student scholarships. This year’s gallery show was enjoyed by all and Temple University Rome looks forward to continuing the tradition of the Tiny Biennale.


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