Tobacco Free

We are happy to announce that the TUR campus goes Tobacco-Free starting Monday, April 1st, 2019! We realize that for some of you this will be challenging, while for others it will be a relief; we hope that regardless you understand and respect these efforts, in line with those of Main Campus.
As Temple Main Campus is working hard on becoming Tobacco-Free and is creating the first Tobacco-Free Generation Campus, we at Temple University Rome want to set the right example. 

A smoke-free campus (area inside the gates) includes the banning of items, like cigarettes, cigars, vapes and other items that produce smoke. A tobacco-free campus, which the University aims to become, means that all tobacco products are prohibited as well, including chewing tobacco, snus and snuff.

We hope that by becoming a Tobacco-free campus, we will encourage people who want to quit to take the first step toward doing so.

Thank you very much for your collaboration and understanding !