Wine Tasting for Temple University Rome Students!

Wednesday evening, many Temple University Rome students came to a wine tasting event held by the university with guest speaker Roberta Begossi. During this event, students learned the process of making wine from the very beginning until it is ready to drink. They also learned about the different types of wines and the processes that each one has to go through in order to achieve the right taste and color.

After learning about the process of making the wines, students got to try 3 varieties from a light sparkling Prosecco, to a bold red. As Roberta discussed the proper way to swirl, examine, smell, and taste the wine, everyone followed along and got to truly appreciate the flavor and hard work that is put into a fine wine. There was even a competition to see who could properly open a bottle without popping the cork. Everyone had a great time immersing themselves into the Italian culture through the delicious wines.