Wine Tasting Night

This past Wednesday, Temple University Rome held their wine tasting night, a unique experience hosted by Roberta Begossi.  Roberta is a well-known wine consultant and sommelier throughout Italy who offers firsthand tips on how to evaluate wine.  This was a fun and great way to bring the students together to learn about a topic that is very important to the Italian culture.

The students had the opportunity to learn about how to make wine, what food to eat with certain wines, and helpful tips on how to identify the various kinds of wine.  Attendees identified three different types of wine (red, white, and sparkling) by the look, taste, and smell.

Temple Rome students were shown the proper way to open a wine bottle and had the chance to participate in a bottle opening contest, where the winners received a Temple Rome t-shirt.  Roberta took time at the end of the event to answer any questions, such as where to buy wine and how bottles are constructed.  Students were also given their very own Temple Rome wine glass as a souvenir to the experience!

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