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On August 25th and 26th, Temple University Rome Professor, Bernardo Nicoletti, participated in the Excellence in Services Congress (EISIC) 25th Congress. This congress has been held annually in several worldwide cities throughout the last 25 years and is aimed at research and presentation of experiences in the services organizations, mainly connected with quality management.

This year, the conference was attended by 150 professors from North America, Europe, and Israel who presented research work. Prof. Nicoletti presented a paper on the use of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) in the Servitization initiatives. This is a method to apply the Six Sigma method, not to the traditional continuous improvement of processes and products, but to design new products and processes.

This is the aim of the paper was not on the primary DFSS method, but in exploring its use in a different function, which is expanding rapidly. 

The paper was submitted and very much welcome. The participants very well received the presentation to EISIC 25 with several questions and debates.