Temple University Rome is pleased to offer FREE Pre-College Workshops to local high school students. All students currently enrolled in a Roman high school, public or private, are eligible and encouraged to apply.

All courses are taught in English by bilingual instructors and hosted on-site at Temple University Rome. For additional information, please write to studytur@temple.edu.

Please note that to comply with Covid-19 safety measures, all participants are required to wear a mask and respect social distancing at all times.

Full Workshop Descriptions

Materials Workshop
Mondays, March 15, 22, and 29 | 4-6 PM
Professor Bill Pettit

Until just a few hundred years ago, artists had to make their materials before they could paint. They had to find, or grow, and then transform these materials into colors. Primitive peoples drew with charcoal from a fire pit the same way Renaissance artists burned grapevine, oil, and bone to make the colors we know today as vine black, lamp black, and ivory black. Until the first pigment shops opened in the late 16th century, artists were self-sufficient sole authors of their work. This course is a hands-on workshop in making historic artists pigments. Students make a variety of inks, paints, and tools using earths, plants, and some kitchen ingredients, together with simple chemistry and experimentation.

All materials are provided.

Digital Drawing Workshop
Wednesdays, March 17, 24, and 31 | 4-6 PM
Professor Roberto Caracciolo

Learn to draw on a cell phone or tablet, with apps that offer a wide variety of features, using the tip of one’s finger or a digital pencil. Students begin with simple, linear drawing and later practice drawing with color, both opaque and transparent. The workshop concludes with the addition of photography as an integral part of the drawing process.

Participants must bring their own touch screen device (phone, tablet, or portable computer).

Zine-Making Workshop
Choose between:
Saturday, March 28 | 2-5 PM
Sunday, March 29 | 10 AM-1 PM
Professor Devin Kovach

What is a zine!? Zines are self-published books, usually printed on a photocopier and handbound or handfolded. Zines have become a significant platform for artists, writers, poets, musicians, and other to express themselves creatively without relying on a publisher.

In this short-form workshop participants will learn to transform single sheets of paper into their very own self-published zines, all while gaining exposure to the world of bookbinding, artists books, and self-publishing in a fun, accessible way.

All materials are provided.

Recycle it!
Choose between:
Saturday, April 10 | 10-2PM
Saturday, April 10 | 2-5PM
Professor Roberto Mannino

Don't throw away that card! In this workshop students learn to choose, treat and reuse papers, books, magazines, newspapers and packaging. Participants will not only create handmade sheets of paper from recycled material, but also complete artistic compositions of text, drawings, photographs, and more.

All materials are provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own scraps of paper, cards, etc. to recycle during the papermaking process.