For almost 60 years, Temple University Rome has been a center for hands-on, interdisciplinary learning, where Rome is the classroom, the studio, and the campus. Every semester and summer session, 150 to 300 undergraduate and graduate students come to Temple Rome from Temple University Main Campus and 40 different colleges and universities around the US to attend a semester abroad or start their undergraduate degree through the Temple Rome Entry Year program. They leave Rome changed and enriched and better prepared for the global, interconnected world they will enter when they graduate. 

Since the Fall of 1966, when the first group of 24 undergraduates and 12 graduate students arrived, Temple University Rome has provided over 12,000 alumni with an interdisciplinary, experiential and rigorous academic and cultural program that takes advantage of the splendid historical and contemporary resources Rome and Italy have to offer.

Temple Rome’s Golden Anniversary Celebration

In May 2017, several hundred people came together from near and far, for a glorious week to celebrate 50 years of Temple Rome. Alumni from all decades, former and current Main Campus faculty and staff, as well as long-time friends and visitors to the campus joined former President Richard Englert, former Provost JoAnne Epps, and many members of the Board of Trustees for an event-filled week.