Study abroad at Temple Rome in the heart of the Eternal City for a semester, an academic year or for the summer!
Because of its size and extensive facilities, Temple Rome is able to offer a broad array of courses to students from any number of academic backgrounds. Courses are available in the following departments: Advertising, Anthropology, Architecture, Art (Painting, Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Digital Drawing), Art History, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Communication, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Classics, Economics, Education and Human Development, English, Economics, Environmental Studies, Gender/Sexuality and Women's Studies, Global Studies, Graphic Arts and Design, Film and Media Arts, Finance, History, International Business, Italian Language, Italian Literature,  Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Public Relations, Science and Technology, Sculpture, Sociology, Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Urban Studies. All courses are subject to the same guidelines, policies and approval processes as courses on Temple’s Main Campus. View a complete list of courses available at Temple Rome on the Education Abroad website.

Founded on guiding principles of interdisciplinary study and research, the curriculum at Temple Rome allows for flexibility and creating connections beyond what is available to many students on their home campuses. As Italy itself evolves within the global context, so does Temple Rome’s curriculum. The academic structure at Temple Rome offers students the chance to gain perspective on the historical layers that make up and support this modern, contemporary city facing opportunities and challenges with impact around the world.

The courses at Temple Rome are broadly categorized into four “Tracks”: Architecture and Urban Studies, Visual Arts, International Business, and Humanities/Social Studies, including Italian Language and Culture. Students can choose among courses in all four areas as long as they meet the pre-requisites, and where possible students are encouraged to choose courses in a mix of these areas.

In addition, almost all Temple Rome courses fall into the interdisciplinary thematic clusters on topics like Immigration, Art and Civilization, Mediterranean Studies, Sustainability, Gender and Identity, Memory and Modernity, and students are encouraged to build their academic program in Rome around these broad areas of study.

Several courses offered regularly at Temple Rome also fulfill General Education requirements for Temple University students in the following areas: Arts, Race and Diversity, Science and Technology, Human Behavior. All Temple Rome students studying abroad for a summer or semester automatically fulfill the World Cultures Gen Ed requirement. Non-Temple students take these same courses as elective or required credit at their home institutions, as determined by each institution.

Summer in Rome

Temple Rome offers a six-week summer session, from late May until early July. A rich variety of undergraduate courses in several disciplines are offered, including art, art history, business, criminal justice, Greek and Roman classics, English, history, Italian language, political science, psychology, and sociology, as well as credit-bearing internships. A main feature of the Temple Rome summer program is frequent, on-site instruction for many of the courses, enabling students to study firsthand the sites, artistic treasures, traditions and business practices associated with the people and history of Italy. With the exception of Italian language instruction, most instruction is in English.