Temple University Rome is committed to taking a proactive approach to addressing matters of diversity and inclusion as well as continually facilitating open conversation among its students, faculty, and staff. We aim to provide our community with cross-cultural awareness: a key instrument to recognizing others' cultural values, beliefs, and perspectives. This allows for challenges regarding diversity and inclusion to be addressed in a wholesome manner, providing students with valuable tools to navigate a new culture and better understand how they are being perceived in a different context.

Temple Rome is committed to providing:

  • Programming for all students during Orientation regarding race and gender in Italy
  • Semesterly activities aiming to expose students to the Italian culture and address identity and inclusion abroad
  • Gender-inclusive housing
  • Gender-inclusive restrooms
  • An on-site, English-speaking, confidential counselor
  • A trained student-life team, including an emergency phone number accessible 24/7
  • Space to dissect identity and experiences abroad through the Culture and Identity Envoy Program
  • Access to peer mentor students