The Culture and Identity Envoy Program was initiated by Fall 2017 Temple Rome participant, Ewan Johnson, who served as a Diversity Abroad Ambassador during his term abroad. Ewan built upon the strengths of that program but tailored the Envoy Program to the specific needs and resources of the host location.

The Culture and Identity Envoy Program takes advantage of the existing programming at Temple Rome in order to enhance its current diversity initiatives. The program is designed to support its participants during their time abroad and produce additional resources for students from communities we know have encountered particular challenges in Rome, including ethnic and racial minority students, LGBTQIA+ students, first generation students, students with high financial need, and students with disabilities. We hope the resources developed based on participants’ experiences, observations, and reflections will ultimately encourage and support further study abroad participation. Additionally, we hope participants will begin to cultivate an understanding of the lived experiences of historically marginalized people in a global context that will inform their continued engagement with challenging social justice issues after the program ends.

Meet the Spring 2024 Envoys