Temple University Rome Black History Month February 2023 | Black Joy

Temple University Rome is excited to host its fourth annual Black History Month throughout February 2023.

Black History Month is a global celebration of Black history and achievements. It is important to use this time to not only support our community, but to also reframe how history is told and highlight stories of those from the African diaspora in Italy and beyond. We are pleased to offer a variety of events in collaboration with Black activists, businesses, and creatives in and around Rome. Please join us in learning from those in our community and supporting their work! 

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Black History Month 2023: Black Joy

The choice of the theme "Black Joy," aiming to celebrate the Black and African diaspora through a golden lenses of joyful living and existence while challenging a monolithic narrative of Black people's existence seen mostly through pain and discrimination.

This year's events will be in collaboration with the CHAMPS European Project, which works with associations and leaders of African Descent in Italy to contrast Afrophobia, and Black History Month Florence.

Group of people smiling with poster of "io sono rosa parks"
Omar Neffati, in the white Italiani Senza Cittadinanza t-shirt, third person from the left, at the screening of "Io Sono Rosa Parks" in March 2019.

In Celebration of Omar Neffati and Italiani Senza Cittadinanza 

We dedicate this Black History Month series to Omar Neffati, an Afro-Italian activist with the movement Italiani Senza Cittadinanza, who passed away in January 2023. Born in Tunisia and raised in Italy since 6 months old, Omar would often reflect that without Italian citizenship, he would not have equal access to opportunities such as studying abroad and voting, despite being socially and politically active in his community. Thanks to Italiani Senza Cittadinanza and many others, we are able to have knowledge about this issue affecting more than 1 million people born and raised in Italy to foreign parents. Through this series of events, we celebrate Omar's life, the impact of Italiani Senza Cittadinanza, and highlight opportunities available unrecognized Italians such as the Temple Rome Terzo Pilastro Scholarship.

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