Temple Rome students have the option to live in our university-facilitated apartments or residence, reside with an Italian family in a homestay, or find their own independent housing in Rome. Please note that first-year students are not permitted to find their own independent housing and must live in university-facilitated housing, unless residents of Rome.

When considering your options, it is important to recognize the cultural context of housing in Italy. Although some of these differences may take some getting used to, remember that cultural differences extend to all aspects of your experience abroad. Having realistic expectations for your term in Rome will help you approach the study abroad experience with a positive attitude.

Housing is guaranteed for all program participants who submit the housing form and a $200 non-refundable housing deposit by the deadline set for your particular semester. If you and another program participant would like to be roommates, you should both request to room with one another on the housing form. Although we cannot guarantee placements, we do our best to accommodate mutual roommate requests.

Read on for more information regarding the variety of student housing options at Temple University Rome.

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