Born and raised in Rome where he obtained his JD and MA, Prof. Lorenzo Rinelli grew intellectually under the guidance of Michael Shapiro at the University of Hawaii at Manoa where his academic engagement began. Since 2007, he has taught various courses with particular focus on International Law, European Politics and International Relations. His academic interests include urban border studies, migration theory, postcolonial theory and aesthetics in world politics.


Courses Taught

POLITICAL SCIENCE 2000: Special Topics: Immigration, Race and Identity in Contemporary Italy

SOC 2130: Special Topics: Immigration, Race, and Identity in Contemporary Italy

PR 2672: Global Communication and Leadership

ENG 0834: Representing Race: At the Borders of Europe



African Migrants and Europe: Managing the ultimate frontier“, 2016, Routledge for the African Politics and International Relation Serie


Service provision / Prof. associations / Membership

Founder and coordinator of L’Osservatorio – a research center on civilian victims of armed conflicts.


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