Students of the Rome Entry Year program can choose to live in Residential housing with other Temple students or in a Homestay as guests of an Italian family. Both options have advantages and provide you with a unique living and cultural experiences, depending on your goals and preferences while living in Rome. 

Student Apartments

Apartments are located about a 10-15 minute walk from campus in the neighborhood of Prati, a residential and safe, but lively area of Rome. They have easy access to the city center, public transportation, grocery stores, shops, and other necessities. Housing in Rome varies from the typical Ameircan-style dormatories. Each apartment varies slightly in design, but all provide the same ammenities, including:

  • Private bathroom and kitchen
  • Convenient access to campus and the city center
  • Laundry facilities
  • Light cleaning services provided every week
  • Towels and linens provided upon arrival
  • Maintenance support
  • 24/7 on-call student life staff for emergencies
"Host mother" and female student standing together on balcony


Students are matched with a host family that best suits their living style and preferances. All families are extensively pre-checked by our Homestay coordinators and many have been hosting students for several years. Some students may be the only person matched with a family, while some may be living with another Temple student in the same home. Family structures vary, but all are passionate about hosting foreign students. Each homestay includes: 

  • Private bedroom and laundry
  • Home cooked meals 4 days/week
  • A small breakfast, Italian-style
  • Immersion in the Italian language and Roman culture
  • Experiencing Rome from a local perspective