Tiber re-FOUND
Tiber re-FOUND
Photo by: Lily Prendergast/Digital Photo.

Tiber re-FOUND
The Tiber Project | Multidisciplinary Proposal
October 5-8, 2023

Exhibition Opening
Thursday October 5, 6:00 pm


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“FOUND” is an exhibition representing the outcome of a short, but intense workshop, involving different courses within the academic program of Temple University Rome Campus.

The goal of this multidisciplinary workshop is to rediscover (re-FOUND) a new centrality of the Tiber in the life of the city with a plurality of actions aimed at re-establishing/recovering the centrality of the river in its relationship with Rome, through the observation of the existing and the design of a new plan for the Tiber that would allow a greater permeability of the river corridor, thanks to a system of regeneration paths connected to the surrounding neighborhoods and new access infrastructures able to overcome the topographic variables between the river and the city.

The term “FOUND”, in architectural and artistic practice, was introduced by British architects Alison & Peter Smithson (Independent Group) in the 1950s, and has since inspired many generations to come. Recently, Jacques Herzog (Herzog & de Meuron) titled a lecture “FOUND”, explaining how in the embryonic phase of the design and creative process exists a deep research related to what expresses the place itself, its specificities and potentialities.

In a broader perspective, the exhibition aims to emphasize and imagine an ecological system that evokes an idea of a more horizontal relationship between things, a wide perspective on what we do and realize, broadening our horizon of interest beyond the "here and now" to include the "there and after," in order to also enhance the lives of other human and non-human beings, often invisible, present in this millennial and singular context that witnesses the birth and evolution of this city.