NFT Conference poster
Photo credit: Asia Neill

Want to know what NFTs are and how they will affect the future of art? Join us for an NFT Conference on Friday, March 31st & Saturday, April 1st hosted by Temple University Rome! Our highly educated guests will discuss the artistic and economic potential of topics such as the Metaverse, WEB3 & Digital Art during this two-day conference.

Location: Temple University Rome Conference Room (down the ramp): Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia 15, 00196 Rome

Contact Information:

Friday, March 31
Saturday, April 1
  • Morning
    • 9-10:30am: Presentation (with Prof. Andrea Lauria)
    • 10:30-11:30am: What are NFTs and why are they interested in art (with Prof. Andrea Lauria & Nicola Morino)
    • 11:30-1pm: What is the metaverse / web3 (with Prof. Andrea Lauria & Luca Levantini) 
  • Afternoon
    • 2-3:30pm: DAO / Crypto: Blockchains, Crypto, DAO (Governance Tokens), DApps (with Prof. Andrea Lauria & Luca Levantini) 
    • 3:30-5pm: Focus Marketplace: Differences, Royalties, Auctions, Centralized/Decentralized (with Prof. Andrea Lauria, Nicola Morino & Luca Levantini)
    • 5-6pm: The Planetary garden Case Studies (with Prof. Andrea Lauria, Nicola Morino & Elia Pellegrini) 
  • Morning
    • 9-10am: Contemporary Art focus (with Prof Andrea Lauria)
    • 10-11am: Genesis NAU (with Prof. Andrea Lauria & Nicola Morino) 10:00- 11:00
    • 11-12pm: Case Study Noosphere (with Prof. Andrea Lauria & Nicola Morino)
    • 12-1pm: Technical bracket, Launch of works and results (with Prof. Andrea Lauria, Nicola Morino & Elia Pellegrini) 

Conference Speakers

Andrea Lauria

Prof. Andrea Lauria is an Italian museologist graduated from Rome’s Accademy of fine arts. He also holds a History of Art degree from University di Roma Tre in Rome. Andrea Lauria lectures a Masters courses in museology at Rome’s Universities Tor Vergata and American Temple University (Rome Campus). In 2020 he has become a published author of the book: “From the Renaissance studiolo to the contemporary museum” which is also his course manual. Lauria’s field of research is the phenomenon of hyper-museums with special attention to the Arabian countries in comparison with the western world. From February 2023 Lauria is Creator and author of the museology column "From Italy to the World", published biweekly in the newspapers Arab Times and on the Al-Seyassah.

Nicola Morino

With a comprehensive background in global advertising and fashion integrated production, Nicola Morino brings creativity and technical skill to the management and conceptualization of visual assets from ideation to final execution. In 2018, he founded the creative studio Noruwei and in 2023, he established NAU, a London-based art studio and gallery, further solidifying his commitment to Digital Arts.

Luca Levantini

After getting his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at UCL, Luca Levantini worked as an analyst for a crypto-trading fund. This experience sparked his interest to pursue a Master's in FinTech at Imperial College London, where he is currently studying. Luca is a co-founder of Nara Art Unit, an independent entity challenging digital arts, and developing a DeFi protocol with a university classmate.

Elia Pellegrini

Elia Pellegrini is a 24-years-old Italian artist specialized in visual arts, 3D and animation. Prior to his high school graduation, he has already worked on several commercial projects for clients like Aperol and Campari. Afterwards he decided to move to Maranello beginning his career as 3D generalist at STAR Engineering, where he worked on projects for Ferrari in 2019. From 2020 until 2022, Elia worked in the music video industry as lead CGI artist and 3D artist for a VFX production company based in Los Angeles called YHELLOW. Through his art, Elia wants to inspire other people expressing a primary message at least visually: the importance of light.