Aayushi is a Sophmore who is double-majoring in Secondary Education Social Studies and History, with a minor in Political Science. She participated in the Temple Rome Entry Year Program where she studied abroad in Rome for her first year at Temple before finishing her degree at Main Campus. As an Education major, Aayushi has worked with students of all ages and has created projects, taught full classes (high school and preschool), tutored, made in-depth lesson plans, as well as taught internationally while studying in Rome. She is also a Peer Advisor for the College of Education, participates the club Kaafila, Temple's Indian Student Organization, and loves going to school-hosted events like Bingo Nights and Wellness events. 

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Q: Why did you originally choose the Temple Rome Entry Year Program?

I chose the Rome Entry Year Program because it stood out to me with the opportunities it provided. It gave me the opportunity to have more exposure abroad and also travel by myself while studying towards my degree. I definitely wanted to study abroad regardless, but this program made that so much easier. Also being a History major, I loved that I could study and have excursions in and around Rome.

Q: In what ways did studying abroad in Rome help you grow?

I was able to become more independent and really immerse myself in a new country and culture. I was able to manage myself and adapt better because I was in a new environment and a new school all at once.

Q: What do you wish you had known before studying in Rome?

I wish I recognized how quickly time goes by. I think that I kept pushing off visiting places and opportunities to try new places because I ‘would have more time.’ Even with being in Rome for a year, it went by really quickly.

Q: What's an underrated place that everyone has to see when coming to Rome?

I loved the beaches near Rome, specifically Santa Severa. The water is so clear and beautiful. And on the beach there is Castello di Severa, dating back to the 14th century. It’s the best place to go to relax with some friends when the weather is warm.

Q: How would you compare your experience at Temple Rome to your experience in Philadelphia so far?

In Rome, I had the chance of getting to know my professors a lot more due to smaller class sizes; in fact, I am still in contact with some today. Comparatively, in Philadelphia, class sizes are much bigger due to there being a bigger volume of students. I also liked the independence of being able to explore that Rome gave me. Everywhere you turn, you may just run into a monument or a historical area. While Philadelphia is also historical, I do not get to explore as much.

Q: What are your future goals?

My biggest aspiration is to teach History at a high school level and also to be able to visit various different countries around the world. The Temple Rome Entry Year program brought me a lot closer to those goals just as a freshman in college. I was able to travel and explore on my own terms and learn how to do that independently. At the same time, I was able to teach Art History via Zoom at a local school

Q: What is some advice you would give to students starting their degree at Temple Rome?

Rome seems like a big step– not only would you start college, but you would also be starting in a different country… It is the definition of stepping out of your comfort zone. But as someone who has gone through it, I wholeheartedly say it is worth it.